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Streeters: What is the worst washroom you’ve seen on campus?

When you’re dashing between classes, labs, and seminars, sometimes when you gotta go, you gotta go. So The Gateway asked students what the worst washroom they’ve seen on campus is.

Kjel Arnston (Header) — ALES V

“Definitely Rutherford library during finals. It just gets used too much.”

Katie Lin

Katie Lin — Engineering I

“Humanities has the worst, just because the buildings are old and the washrooms aren’t really renovated.”

Alina Lin

Alina Lin — Science II

“First floor of Cameron. Every single toilet was clogged. Nobody knows how to flush.”

Brett Baker

Brett Baker — Engineering V

“The second floor, the third floor, actually all of ETLC.”

Cedric Chung

Cedric Chung — Business III

“Cameron Main. It’s really bad there… it’s way too small, it smells.”

Celine Xiao & Priscilla Cheung

Celine Xiao (left) — Engineering V

“I hate the MecE fourth-floor ladies. Shit happens in that washroom.”

Priscilla Cheung (right) — Engineering IV

“The education gym, it smells so bad. We always have nightmares when we go to that one.”

Tim Mo

Tim Mo — Education IV

“They are all pretty average. Second floor Fine Arts Building is the worst.”

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