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Cab’Ral and Mickey Green: Dynamic duo warms up winter

What: Cab’Ral and Mickey Green concert

When: January 26, 2019

Where: Polar Park Brewing Co. (18+)

Tickets: $10-15

The air was warm and people were already outside. Polar Park Brewing Co., a rather new venue, is tucked behind Whyte Ave; as I walked up, I could see where the company brews its own beer through the bay windows and the neon white sign displaying the company’s name at the top of the building.

At ten to nine, people were crowding around the door outside waiting to get in for the concert everyone had been waiting for. People were sporting everything from ancient texts on robes to Oilers jerseys and corduroy caps to neon-green skirts. Stepping inside as soon as the clock hit nine, I walked up a set of stairs, passing by a large security guard and three-dollar coat check, and then I was inside the venue.

Before the sets even started, music was playing and people were dancing. Drinks were pricey, but water was free, and merchandise was being sold in the corner for both Mickey Green and Cab’Ral.  The pink and blue lights created a very sensual feel in the large venue.

Mickey Green’s set started around 10:30 p.m., and the crowd rushed towards the stage as her silky voice came through the speakers. Green’s performance of her new single “I think he wants her in a white dress” left the crowd speechless and wanting more. Her voice sent the good kind of chills down my spine as I stood watching her delicate figure under an oversized dress coat.

A short intermission between Green’s set and Cab’Ral’s let people take in the sweet sounds of the former’s voice while preparing for the intense set the latter was poised to bring to the stage.

The bass kicked in as Cab’Ral took to the stage rapping, and the crowd pushed closer to feel the energy radiating off of him. Everyone was shouting the lyrics and bouncing from side to side. If you were anywhere near the front, you were getting pushed back and forth as the crowd vibrated to the music.

Not only was Cab’Ral rapping, but he sang with multiple guests onstage, such as Samson Brown, Tobias is Dead, and an iconic-looking Jim Duggin.
Cab’Ral’s ability to transition from rapping to singing showed his artistic versatility. His voice vibrated its way through the souls of everyone with electric energy in the air.

The downside of this spectacular show? The guy who got on stage and started dancing midway through Cab’Ral’s set. However, it was more of a laugh, as he was kicked off stage for almost ruining the set.

Through and through, this was not a show you wanted to miss. The difference in musical styles and the wide range of people present created a chaotic yet calming atmosphere. Cab’Ral’s ability to connect with his audience, even going to speak with them after the show, was an ethereal experience. Mickey Green’s beautiful voice left the audience in a dreamlike state. Together, they generated an unforgettable concert vibe from the energy produced onstage.

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