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Top 10: Memes of 2018, #1: Hit or miss (TikTok)

In this top 10, our writer breaks down their favourite memes that came out of 2018. Pray for them and their sanity.

Oh god. We really have to talk about TikTok, don’t we.

In the beginning, there was, which birthed annoying white legends like Jacob Sartorious onto the internet. No one really batted an eye at the content in the app other than to mock people like Sartorius. We all took a look at the tomfoolery going on, had a good chuckle, and moved on with our lives.

Then was bought out and rolled into TikTok, an existing Chinese app which essentially performed the same function as letting people share their lip-sync videos to broader communities.

Now, we finally come to Hit or Miss. What does it consist of? A cosplayer, Nyannyancosplay, lip syncing and dancing to iLOVEFRiDAY’s “Mia Khalifa” diss track.

This, right here? The perfect recipe for pure meme gold.

What makes this meme so amazing? There’s a perfect blend of nearly every element in the video. The verse Nyannyancosplay lip syncs is incredibly infectious and hard not to rap along with. The camera shots and edits, while amateur, feel so intentional that their charm and effectiveness is magnified tenfold. The dance moves are tongue-in-cheek and fun. It’s a perfect blending of all of these elements that makes this meme so amazing.

Of course, we have to consider remixability. The TikTok community went wild after Hit or Miss blew up, creating parody versions and parody duets with the original video.

People have swapped out the original lyrics for new ones and photoshopped Nyannyancosplay’s wig onto other memes.

While perhaps not as versatile as a macro, this meme has still lived a lot of its live within derivative forms, and been all the more entertaining for it.

This meme, I think, will eventually reach elder god meme status, becoming an essential part of meme vocabulary. Even now, it’s become so deeply ingrained within the online community that I bet if I said the words “hit or miss” to you, you’d reply “I guess they never miss, huh?”

This is one of the very few good things TikTok has produced. God bless it.

Andrew McWhinney

Andrew McWhinney is a fifth-year English and political science combined honors student, as well as The Gateway's 2019-20 Editor-in-Chief. He was previously The Gateway's 2018-19 Opinion Editor. An aspiring journalist with too many opinions, he's a big fan of political theory, hip-hop, and being alive.

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