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Streeters: What’s your favourite place to cry on campus?

“Probably in the main quad, just in secrecy,” one student said

With a constant stream of midterms and projects happening at any time, studying at the University of Alberta can be tear-inducing, so The Gateway asked students what their favourite place to cry on campus is.

Rylance Lee (Header) — Arts II

“My favourite place to cry is in the washroom I guess. And probably in the main quad; just in secrecy!”

Kesia Dias

Bronwen Leguerrier (left) — Nursing alumni

“The only place that I have cried on campus so far is in ECHA, but I have cried there a number of times and so that was, I guess, my favourite place to cry. I was a student a month ago, that’s why I cried the last time”

Liza Chattergee (right) — Nursing II

“I really like crying in the St. Joseph’s Chapel. Nobody ever goes there!”

Kesia Dias

Hugh Kee (left) — Science I

“My favourite place to cry on campus would be under the stairs in the basement of CCIS. Especially the lower floors. They are usually isolated, especially late at night. I haven’t cried there yet but it seems pretty isolated.”

Victoria Koziarz (right) — Science I

“My favourite place to cry on campus has not been found yet.”

Kesia Dias

Rachael Morrison — Science IV

“I don’t currently have a favourite place to cry. It’s at home.”

Kesia Dias

Zainish Hashmi — Science IV

“I guess my favourite place on campus to cry is Rutherford South in the reading room. It’s just a nice environment I guess. It is a moody environment.”

Kesia Dias

Caroline Barlow — Law I

“My favourite place to cry on campus would be in my car because it is sort of a semi-private space that you have on campus. And you can pretend that you are reading or something.”

Kesia Dias

Tanner Reivonen (left) — Science I

“I like to cry in the Carlston Construction Quiet Lounge.”

Braeden Opgenorth (right) — Science I

“To cry? In the Students’ Union Building, right in the basement floor, with some couches in the back. There is a quiet room if you like.”

Kesia Dias

Leah Krandall — ALES II

“I don’t think there is anywhere on campus I would like to cry. Most places are pretty public.”

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