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Streeters: How do U of A students feel about cannabis legalization?

“I would be okay with it, as long as people aren’t coming to class out-of-their-mind high."

As of October 17, it is legal for individuals 18 years old and up to purchase and smoke cannabis in Canada. In light of legalization, The Gateway asked students how they feel about the change.

Richard Bagan
Laura Scott  Business III

“It’s a great thing. It kind of breaks the taboo and the barriers between those who use it recreationally and for medicine. I’m not a user at all [but] I don’t see any harm in it.”

Richard Bagan
Gabby Murga (left)  Arts I

“I feel like, it’s a good move for the government, money-wise. People will always use it, now it is just going to become more expensive and more easy to find but I don’t think it will get any more dangerous or anything.”

Moses Kouyaté (right)  Arts I

“I think it is good in many ways. A lot of people have been locked up for possessing it or are being faced with consequences for possessing it. Now they can finally get justice for that. It was such a not problem that people had marijuana so, now that people can have marijuana, it is very liberating.”

Richard Bagan
Abrielle Knodel (left)  Arts I

“It’s a good thing. It will help a lot of people with issues that they need to take medication for… like mental health and anxiety. I think it will make life a lot easier for people.”

Abby Toews (right)  Arts II

“It is important that people consider the health concerns of smoking and that they make sure not to drive when they are high or go to a class being stinky. But I think legalizing marijuana will be largely positive because it will get rid of the stigma around smokers.”

Richard Bagan
Matthew Hackett (left)  Arts/Education II

“The way it is classified versus if you actually look at the effects of it is massively overblown. Marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol, so, as long as people use it responsibly and don’t have a dependency problem I think it’s alright.”

Connor Greig (right)  Education II

“I think it is long overdue especially with the increase of the manufacturing of marijuana and just of hemp in general. I have read some history about how the tobacco and textile monopolies paid the government to destroy the marijuana industry. The impact of this destruction has been very hard on minorities, so, I think that it is really good that they are finally legalizing it now.”

On August 8 at 3:36 p.m., the name of one of the students interviewed was removed due to privacy concerns.

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