Worth It or Not Worth It: Welcome Back Edition

Buying Boots

You step out of the LRT and towards Quad, only to feel your feet freezing solid beneath you. Sure, those Converse One Stars and ankle socks look great. But now they’re full of snow, rocks, mud, and are being wrecked by salt. You fool. Please get yourself a goddamn pair of boots. You don’t need ridiculously expensive ones either. Get something waterproof and warm and I will personally compliment you on them.


Standing in Line

I get it, it’s tempting to want to go to Sugarbowl on a Sunday morning. You’re hungover and all you want is that cinnamon bun. Sadly, this is the absolute worst time to go and there will always be a line outside. And you don’t deserve to freeze your dehydrated ass off, even for 10 minutes. Love yourself and go down the street to Farrow instead.


Taking the Long Way Through Pedways

You can get all the way from SUB to NREF or from Tory to Law without stepping outside. This is the magic of pedways. Most people I know don’t use them though, because it is too much of an “inconvenience” to take the “long” way. To them I say: the air outside is trying to kill you. Take the extra minute and go through the pedways. No one will ever judge you.


Getting a Smoothie From That Place in Van Vliet

There’s a small smoothie shop in Van Vliet that has had me addicted to blended fruit since the summer. There are two catches that come with this. First, the shop seems to close whenever the fuck it wants. The “hours” sign says it will be open until 2:30, but I’ve gone there at 2:18 and the shop was closed up. Second, the smoothies are $8, likely due to the excessive protein powder. You’re better off saving your toonies for coffee.


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