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Video Game Review: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing fans, hold on to your Bells; there’s a new mobile app that promises to deliver a concentrated dose of the world we know and love, right to our phones. For newcomers to the franchise, Animal Crossing is the epitome of casual and immersive gaming, and a landmark in the childhoods of many. The newest iteration invites players to become a campground manager, befriending lovable animal campers and designing their dream home away from home.
Much simpler than the loaded world of the console version, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s gameplay relies primarily on tapping the screen to complete tasks such as shaking trees, picking up fruit, talking to campers, and more. The goal is to build and customize a campsite that appeals to as many visitors as possible, but to get campers to stay you must first develop a friendship by chatting and completing favours. Every camper has a unique personality, and as a host, you’ll find yourself crafting pieces of furniture and decorations to appeal to each of them if you hope to gain their approval. While the gameplay itself can become rather repetitive at times, the magic come from interacting with the animal campers.
Pocket Camp features members of the same loveable cast of characters that have appeared in past iterations of the game, as well as a few new appearances, each with their own quirks, attitudes, and catchphrases. They’ll give you gifts as you level up their friendship, and even notice if you haven’t stopped to chat in a while. Isabelle, the faithful assistant from Animal Crossing: New Leaf returns to walk you through the basics and provide goals that make the game more interesting.
The game also makes it possible to connect with friends to visit their campgrounds or purchase items they’ve put up for sale. If you’d like to enter the quarry and mine for treasure, you’ll need your friends’ help as well, unless you want to spend some real money to get in. Although micro-transactions are implemented in the form of leaf tickets that serve to make the game more convenient, you’d be wise to save your money — leaf tickets can also be obtained by completing goals and leveling up.
With materials to harvest, furniture to craft, and challenges to complete, this app is perfect for those who find satisfaction in completion, and those who simply love all things Animal Crossing. Just don’t stay up too late at night playing, unless you want to hear judgmental remarks about it from your campers.

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