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Spotify Playlist: #KEEPITWAVY

Here’s a playlist full of feel-good tracks, rife with chill beats and all kinds of indie goodness, to help ease your transition back into the latter half of the semester.

This playlist features music from Edmonton talents Retrofile, Lyra Brown, Katie and the Wildfire, Mac Demarco, and Dunmore Park.


Just when you thought no year could possibly outdo 2016 as being an absolute catastrophe of a year for humanity, 2017 came along, asked its predecessor to hold its beer, and proceeded to blow away our collective expectations. 💩

Feeling bad? It’s okay. Everyone else is in the same boat, more or less, unless you live in a cave or happen to be an ignoramus. In the latter case, enjoy your blissed-out state of ignorance. (You’re always welcome to join us when you want to get woke.) In the former case, I don’t blame you. The housing market can be very tough to navigate — but things are reportedly getting better,  as things do.

To make matters worse, corporate media seems to be doubling down on this narrative that the world is going to shit and that humanity is doomed. Yes, bad things have been happening. That’s pretty indisputable. But that doesn’t give us permission to lose hope completely, all while freaking out and angrily tweeting at each other. Leave the angry tweeting to the so-called leader of the free world. Apparently, that’s part of the job description now.

On the bright side, independent media and independent journalists are still fighting the good fight. The general population is becoming more media-literate and aware.

Furthermore, the general population is no longer beholden to getting news from only a handful of more-often-than-not biased news sources. Plus, when you consider the increasing popularity of grassroots activism in conjunction with the ripple effect, as well as the near-universal accessibility of information, it’s not that crazy to believe things can and will get better.

And, according to Steven Pinker, the world has never been a safer place to live. So there’s that.

So let’s all take a collective chill pill and address the global deficit of good vibes.

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the sun will always rise to greet us at dawn. I find all the comfort I need in knowing that. Good music helps too.

Keep it wavy, catch some vibes and pay them forward. The world needs it.



(By the way: In case you missed it, here’s a link to Vol. 1)

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