SU elections drinking game

SU election campaigns are underway, and with them, an explosion of buzzwords written on posters and spewed at forums have appeared. If you find the SU elections boring as fuck, you’re not alone. Make these buzzwords into a drinking game to keep yourselves entertained and sane. To help, here’s The Gateway‘s comprehensive list of drinking game worthy buzzwords:

  • Advocacy
  • Residence
  • Inclusivity
  • Student-Friendly Government
  • NDP
  • Tuition
  • Tuition Freeze
  • Funding
  • Diversity
  • Change
  • Vote
  • Political Science
  • International Students
  • Students
  • Student Voice
  • Consultation
  • March 8&9
  • Mental Health
  • Promise/Pledge
  • Species
  • Thank you for your question
  • Banister Consulting


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