Fashion Streeters: Caitlin Kelly

Caitlin Kelly

Arts I (Drama)

Gateway: Tell me what you’re wearing.

I’m wearing a pair of Doc Martens — they have electrical tape on the backs right now because these are my costume shoes for a play I’m in. I have some Mona Lisa socks on, a pair of plaid pants, a knockoff ripped Yeezy-style sweater, and a Jack & Jones coat.

How would you describe your style?

Laidback Value Village Prince. I try to be dapper, but cozy is the ultimate goal. The aesthetic is intended to be well put-together, but on the inside, I just want to be comfortable. To be able to go to sleep at any moment, that’s the goal. I don’t want to come off as a pretentious hipster, but at the same time, I don’t mind that style.

Michaela Friedland

What are your favourite places to shop for clothing?

I get a lot of stuff from my grandma’s closet. We share clothes sometimes. I think The Bay, Value Village, Goodwill, and Urban Outfitters are my main shops. I used to like Decadence, but it was kind of too expensive, and they also shut down recently.

Michaela Friedland

What’s the most important thing about fashion to you?

A good sweater. If I don’t wear a good sweater, or if I’m not feeling good in my sweater, the rest of my day is off balance. Feeling good in what you wear is important, and knowing what you’re wearing! I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called Minimalism, and they mentioned how the fashion industry has evolved to have, like, 52 seasons or something crazy like that. Each new season, they throw out the clothes from the old season — they’ll even knife them down the middle, so no one else can even wear or buy them anymore — and then they’ll just throw them away. It creates so much unnecessary waste, and the people who make the clothes are already in such bad conditions a lot of the time. For those items not to be used at all is really unfortunate. I find that people don’t really consider the effects of what they buy a lot of the time.

Michaela Friedland

What is some fashion advice you live by?

You can always pull off the pajama look. We need to bring that back. I support it fully. Also, I carry a Tide-to-Go stick with me everywhere in case I spill things on my clothes. This is important — patterns on patterns. Most people say don’t do it, but whatever. Live your life. Do what you want. I think style is in your personality more than what you wear.

Michaela Friedland

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