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Emoji of the week: Trash dove sticker

Trash Dove sticker

Memes, put frankly, have not only defined our generation’s culture, but everything we do as well. My online presence was made up of only the dankest, most cutting-edge memes. I thought I was a meme-lord.

And then Trash Dove came about and ruined all that.

Trash Dove, if you are unaware, is a Facebook sticker depicting a wide-eyed purple pigeon that is predominantly seen headbanging. It has also become a meme in it itself, which for the life of me I cannot understand. Maybe I’m growing too old for memes, but nothing about Trash Dove is humorous or even meme-worthy.

These insufferable birds spam comment sections on Facebook, only further highlighting the lack of originality in our meme-steeped internet culture. Posting one of these stickers doesn’t add anything remotely humorous, so a whole barrage isn’t just unfunny — it’s irritating.

What makes a good meme is the layers behind it. Most memes come from some unlikely source for humour — a still from a kids TV show or an internet video. Within the context of the original source, the meme is unassuming, but taken out of context, the meme creators can add a second meaning, in the form of added text, digitally altering a picture etc. When these two disparate meanings — the original one from the unrelated source and the new, altered meme — come together, these opposing meanings make the whole meme humourous. That’s why most memes that last long are immoral interpretations of kid’s cartoons and worship over dead gorillas.

Trash Dove has neither a context nor an altered meaning. It’s literally just a Facebook sticker. There’s no formula behind it, leading me to question if there’s something funny about headbanging I don’t understand? How about birds with dilated pupils? Is this dumb bird at a rave? Trash Dove only halfway lives up to its name — this pigeon meme is absolute trash.

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