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Emoji of the week: Red Balloon

🎈 Red Balloon

The red balloon is a deceptively simple emoji. I mean it’s a balloon and it’s red — there’s not much to it. But that’s the beauty of it — because of its simplicity, the red balloon can be used in a wide variety of ways.

If you want to convey happiness, for example, there’s no better symbol of pure, unfiltered, youthful joy than a red balloon. Have you ever seen anybody holding a balloon with a frown on their face? No. With a balloon in hand, especially a red one, even the most depressed birthday clown will be grinning. So, sending a red balloon emoji is a definitive signal of your happiness with life, and that’s like a totally scientifically proven fact.

In a similar vein, a red balloon emoji can be used to show that you have no worries. If your friend asks you about a midterm you definitely know you failed, the red balloon emoji has you covered. Not only does it make you seem unconcerned about your exam mark, but it allows you to subtly describe to them the feeling of watching a 4.0 GPA float up and out of your grasp.

The red balloon is also great for a laugh, especially in group chats. If the members of your group are deep in discussion about the nuances of your political science project, send them a red balloon emoji. Not only will it liven up your discussion, but it’ll bring a smile to your face as you watch the rest of your group try to figure what the hell you’re trying convey with the red balloon.

Words are everything, except when you have a red balloon emoji.

Editors Note: You can (and should) also spam 99 of these bad boys to anyone and everyone in your contacts list to remind them of this… one of the greatest punk cover songs of ALL TIME.


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