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Emoji of the week: Grimacing face

😬 Grimacing Face

It’s an emoji that can represent so much more than one emotion, it’s bearing it’s teeth but not in a smile, it’s the only one you turn to after sending out a risky text — it’s the grimacing face.

This is one of my most used emojis. The wide eyes and lined teeth make it the perfect reaction to nearly any text I send. Is it grimacing? Is it guilty? It is just a cheeky smile? Emojipedia defines it as the “grimacing face,” but I would argue the potential it holds is endless. Paired with a witty joke, it still works. Sent with something guilty or problematic, you can definitely pull it off. When you’re texting someone about doing something utterly embarrassing, why not use it?

Imagine you screwed up the date of your midterm and went into your class one afternoon to find everyone writing an exam you barely started studying for. Chuck a text to your closest pal, and throw this emoji in, to perfectly sum up how badly your insides are burning.

“I fucked up. 😬”

On the other hand, it could also stand for something positive, like telling someone that you have feelings for another human.

“I really like that person from Chem 102, SOS. 😬”

The grimacing emoji has been faithful in expressing everything I have ever felt and will never cease to get my emotional point across the digital stratosphere. The sheer vastness of reactions this little yellow face can encompass makes it one of the most multi-functional emojis in the emoticon universe. May it rest forever in my “frequently used.”

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