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Short on cash? Don’t wash your dirty underwear, sell it

“Having a strange old man lean over and whisper, ‘I can’t wait to go home and taste your pussy,’” is pretty disturbing to deal with at first, says fourth year political sciences student Maria Anderson.*

For the past seven months, Anderson has been earning an extra few hundred dollars a month selling worn underwear. She found success posting on several classified sites, and the worn panty friendly marketplace,

“I feel like many women were inspired by Orange is the New Black. In the show there was a lot of talk of specific fetishes, also a fetish around it from being from a women in the prison,” says Anderson. “I assumed it wasn’t a big thing that could be in Edmonton and if it was, it was niche.”

Anderson was surprised to find a cornucopia of clientele in our city, extremely enthusiastic about used women’s underwear. Buyers come from all ages and racial demographics; however, the majority of people who contact Anderson are middle-aged, caucasian males. Potential customers will arrange to meet Anderson in public locations to say a quick hello before a swift exchange of goods.

Aside from brief small talk, conversation usually revolves around the underwear, and buyers special requests and specifications.

“People have asked for scat marks and told me I want my golden creamy juices on them, some guys are into period blood,” Anderson says.

“One guy wanted a pair worn for three weeks and was going to pay $500, I wore them a couple hours each day, this is graphic, but the buildup, when you wear the same pair for nine days, it retains the moisture. What was moist dries up and it becomes crusty layers,” says Anderson. “It wasn’t gross for me, but that guy shouldn’t have paid that much money for it. I remember thinking this is pretty dirty, I hope he approves. I only made it to nine days and got $220.”

Business like this doesn’t come without complications – only a fraction of buyers who contact Anderson follow through.

“It’s easy money. I’ve made roughly $2,000, and at my peak I was selling a couple times a week for two months. But it can be frustrating,” says Anderson. “One time, a guy told me he couldn’t meet because he had to drive his son to a soccer game.”

Regardless of the bumps along the way, Anderson says panty slinging isn’t a “half-bad part-time job.” It does require a fair amount of patience, open sexuality, and a good sense of humour.

Anderson declined sharing a photo of herself with a buyer and was questioned with “Is it because you’re a fat, ugly bitch?”

“I thought to myself, ‘You’re an awful person, but I’m not going to say no to 50 bucks.’ A lot of these men are really stupid and don’t know their phone numbers are connected to their Facebook profiles,” Anderson says, laughing.

After reading his rude remark, she called out the buyer, using his full first and last names.

“He was so freaked out I knew his name, apologized, and asked to meet me for a pair,” Anderson says.

Sternly holding her ground worked to her advantage as the same customer came back a few days later wanting another pair, but he was short on cash. Anderson denied taking a Playstation 3 controller as collateral and told the buyer to call her back when he gets paid.

“A couple days go by and the guy tells me, ‘I sold my Roomba, so now I have some cash. Do you wanna meet up?’” Anderson says. “I was like, ‘Hell yeah!’”

*Names have been changed to assure anonymity.

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