Purity Test 2017

aestheticpurity test

Do you scroll through endless feeds of M e M e S n Shit and wonder what happened to the last three weeks of your life? Were you born in 1995? Did you know you’re technically part of a different generation than those born in 1996? Does it really matter if we all only exist online? Probably not. Take our annual purity test, total each page’s score and see how pure you are. Don’t worry, we won’t link your score to your Facebook profile and sell your results to the government.







The next few questions are not part of the Purity Test. We want to gather this data to get some demographic information on University students and the people that take our test. We'll be making a cool infographic with the results and presenting it in a later issue! If you'd rather not answer, just leave them blank.

How old are you?

How do you identify?

What faculty are you in?

Were you raised in Edmonton?

Do you pay for your own education?

Are you still a student?

How many years do you think you'll take to finish your degree? If you're done, how many years did it take?

Do you have a job outside of classes?

How many hours per week do you work outside of school?

What is the primary mode of transport you take to campus?

What's your GPA?

Do you enjoy reading The Gateway? (Again, this doesn't affect your Purity Test score)

How often do you read The Gateway Magazine?

Did you lie on any of these questions?

How often do you read The Gateway online?

The Gateway's magazines are...

With "1" being trash and "5" being awesome, how would you rate this year's magazine?

How would you rate The Gateway's social media presence?

How would you rate The Gateway Online?

How would you rate The Gateway's campus presence this year?

Overall, how would you rate The Gateway?

Were you aware that any U of A student can volunteer for The Gateway?

What type of Gateway levy increase would you be in favour of, in addition to the $3.45/term you already pay?

What about the magazine makes you want to pick it up?

Please add any additional comments.

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