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Emoji of the week: Pointing up finger

Hi☝️ Pointing up (aka Raised index finger)

An easy way to come off as a condescending prick is to insert this emoji into your arguments. However when used correctly, this Raised Index Finger emoji has great versatility.

It’s the same shape as those foam fingers sold at sporting events — you know, the the one’s that say “[Home team] is #1!” The connotation of “number 1” signified by this emoji is perfect if you surround yourself exclusively with winners. Ending your brilliant ideas with one of these bad boys adds an air of philosophical wisdom to your texts; if ancient Greek philosophers used emojis, Plato’s works would be littered with these things. Another possible use is to let the single finger represent the singularity of a supreme being, raised above the other fingers and pointing the way to lead us all to salvation: upwards.

Of all the hand emojis, Raised Index Finger is the most elitist — you know it thinks too highly of itself. Situational use is recommended so you don’t come off pretentious or snobbish. While it isn’t quite as useful or optimistic as the “Thumbs Up” or the “OK” finger emojis, Raised Index Finger is carving out a lane for itself. Celebrate victories or epiphanies with this little cartoon hand, just don’t be condescending with it.

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