1050: Chinese New Year

Wander a few blocks away from Churchill station and all of a sudden, the manufactured scenery changes. Zoe Joyall
Zoe Joyall
I started to notice that there is a lot less here which I could understand. Zoe Joyall
Shopfronts are covered with a foreign language, and their contents sometimes mystify. Zoe Joyall
Its intriguing, and satisfying to see another culture hold such a strong grasp on these few blocks in the city. Zoe Joyall
Zoe Joyall
I found this man standing on one of the corners and asked him if I could take his picture. He laughed and said no one had taken his picture in a very long time. Zoe Joyall
Loud drums were playing in the distance which lead me to the last of the Chinese New Year Parade. Zoe Joyall
Soon I arrived at the front of it all to find they were performing the traditional lion dance at each shopfront in china town – a ritual meant to bring good luck. Zoe Joyall
It seemed as though most of the Chinese New Year celebrations had finished, people were returning to their normal daily rituals. Zoe Joyall

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