Lister is Changing Next Year

Talking with Lister residents and students about the upcoming changes.


  1. Lister this, Lister that. Lister, Lister, Lister.

    Yes, it’s the largest residence complex on campus. And is or was the largest residence complex in Canada. But what about students living in HUB? In ECV? I-House? Or any of the other on-campus accommodations? What about them?

    1. The Gateway ran a news feature on mouldy conditions in Michener Park just two weeks ago:

      Lister gets a ton of coverage because like you said, it’s the largest residence on campus, and also because of there’s a lot of newsworthy stuff happening there, especially recently with the new associations, changes to the halls, etc.

      If you know of something you think is newsworthy that’s happening in HUB, ECV, I-House or any other on-campus accommodations, please do let the news editor know at

      I’m not saying there’s nothing newsworthy happening anywhere else because I honestly don’t know. But The Gateway isn’t going to run a story like “Things in Residence XYZ continue to run as they always do” just to say they did. And if you don’t care about Lister, just do what I’m going to do when I’m done here in a week: see the word “Lister” in the title of Gateway articles, ignore the story and move on.

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