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Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

Well, not really, but kind of. I think the more appropriate way to introduce this magazine would be welcome to The Gateway of tomorrow, but that isn’t quite as catchy as a cheap Futurama reference.

It’s funny, Futurama predicts tubes that blast people around the city at rapid speeds, a self-aware population of robots, and a 28-hour day. But for whatever reason, they assumed that newspapers were going to exist in the year 3000.

Print media isn’t a thing anymore. Media organizations are scrambling around trying to find clever ways to get people to spend money on their newsprint product, because that’s where the majority of their revenue comes from. The fact of the matter is printing a newspaper simply isn’t realistic anymore. People can access information through quicker and more efficient mediums, rendering the newspaper obsolete.

We, at The Gateway aren’t immune to any of these changes. Since I first rolled into SUB 3-04 in October of 2012, our print pickup has decreased from an average of roughly 6000 copies per week all the way down to just over 2000. In the same vein, our online views have skyrocketed. Printing a newspaper is expensive and inefficient, so we’re meeting our viewers where they are most: online.

That said, we don’t want to completely let go of print. In order to not just become some other blog your friend writes for that you don’t bother visiting, we’re going to publish a monthly magazine that features all of our best content with an increased focus on aesthetic appeal.

Anyways, here it is. This magazine is a teaser of what to expect from us next year.


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