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Fashion Streeters: Tascha Speck

Tasha Speck
Music II

Christina Varvis

Describe your outfit.

I got the jacket from Value Village. I was really happy with the purchase — it was like 35 dollars. The dress and the sweater are from Winners, the socks are from American Apparel, and the shoes are Gravity Pope. My earings are from Atomic Zombie.

Christina Varvis

How would you describe your style?

Just something comfortable. Today is one of the few days that I’m wearing a bra [laughs].

Christina Varvis

Do you think anything is lacking in Edmonton’s shopping scene?

Something like a JC Penny would be nice, and maybe clothes for taller people, because I’m 5’11” and I find it hard to find things that are long enough.


Christina Varvis
Christina Varvis

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