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Meeting UAlberta: Jakub Romanek

Political Science, Third Year

So, what was your most Halloween costume memorable and why?

It would probably be one of those tablecloth ghosts because one time, there was a whole bunch of kids over at my house and there was another one dressed as a sheet ghost and my mom thought that that was me so two women ended up switching their children because we had the same costume. Basically we got mixed up, so there was another kid with the same costume, just a tablecloth ghost, and this kid’s mom tries to take me, it was a pretty scary Halloween to be honest. I was probably five…I think I just embraced it too, like I don’t think I said anything. I just accepted it. Fate accepted.

What was the best or worst thing you did on Halloween, besides being kidnapped by a stranger?

The best thing I did on Halloween was giving out those full size chocolate bars to kids in the neighbourhood. I used to get stoked about that as a kid so that’s definitely it. I’m talking full size Twix. That’s probably the best thing.

What is your favourite Halloween movie?

I don’t like them; I’m bad with scary movies. I will scream like a girl during those.

Have you ever screamed like a girl in a movie before?

I have actually, I have. We went to a movie theatre, me and one of my friends, and it wasn’t even actually during the movie, it was during a preview for a scary movie. And I actually yelled out loud. I was the only one as well. I’m not even kidding, I started flailing too. I raised my hands, like the full deal. It wasn’t even a scary movie, it was like Resident Evil; some zombie action movie and I freaked out. My friend still remembers that and I still remember that because he never lets me live it down.

If you had an unlimited time and budget, what would you dress up as for Halloween this year?

Donald Trump. I would get the full costume. I would get the actual hair done. I would get a voice coach too to get the voice.

Would you build a wall?

I would actually, yeah. I would build one outside my house. Then I would have a house party for Halloween.

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