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Top 5: Albums that still haven’t been released yet

We often sit, waiting with bated breath for our favourite artists to drop their latest and greatest offering to the musical world. Equally as often, artists deliver their product on time, fulfilling our need for the music we love. Every so often an artist fails to deliver on schedule for one reason or another, and we, the fans, are left waiting endlessly while the hype does nothing but grow. Here’s our picks for the Top 5 albums that can’t arrive soon enough.

5. Noname Gypsy – Telefone

While not technically an album, the much-awaited debut mixtape of Chicago rapper Noname Gypsy is taking far too long to arrive. Appearing alongside Chance the Rapper on “Lost” and the Social Experiment on “Warm Enough” has firmly cemented her as one of Chicago’s most interesting up-and-coming artists. Her intricately worded and lighting fast features built up an unimaginable level of hype for Telefone; hopefully she can deliver after postponing the mixtape’s release by almost six months.

4. Lil Wayne – Tha Carter V

To Lil Wayne’s credit, this one isn’t even his fault. Constant postponement of Tha Carter V has left fans thirsty for any new music they can get their hands on and Lil Wayne has graciously obliged, feeding the public mixtape after mixtape to make up for the forced postponement. If you want to blame someone for this, blame Birdman. Still, the lack of Wayne’s supposedly final album is leaving fans with a sour taste in their mouths regarding his legacy. It’s a shame to see the fans suffer because of a dispute between artists.

3. Drake – Views From the Six

With the collaborative effort Drake released with Future, the Six God is setting himself for one of the biggest music hat tricks of recent history. Many of us are still revelling in the glory that was If You’reReading This Its Too Late which just so happened to be the best selling album of 2015 thus far (and What a Time to Be Alive is sure to follow suit). With all the gold he’s given us this year its hard to believe that Drake has more in store for us. Views From the Six is setting itself up to be one of the most legendary releases of 2015 if not the past 10 years. So while you put the finishing touches on one of the most highly anticipated albums of this year, we will continue to sweat it out in Black Dog and cook hot dogs over your latest project.

2. Kanye West – SWISH

Kanye has given us a multitude of great singles and features to keep our ears busy since his 2013 masterpiece Yeezus. Some of which include, “Only One,” “Wolves,” and most recently a guest appearance on Travis Scott’s “Piss on Your Grave” as well as Kanye’s latest single “Fade.” With each single Kanye seems to further diversify himself as an artist and only further confuses fans as to what to expect with his 7th studio album SWISH. It is without a doubt that the album will be genius, but with his recent announcement that he will be running for President and many of his creative efforts being directed to Yeezy Season 2 it feels like his album is not his top priority. However, Kanye always fucking kills it and SWISH will be no exception.

1. Frank Ocean – Boys Don’t Cry

July has come and gone and we are still waiting for Frank’s album. The 27 year old is notorious for keeping quiet when we need him most, and despite the three fantastic singles he’s released via tumblr and the converse three artists one song series — “Hero,” “Memrise” and a cover of The Isley Brother’s “(At Your Best) You are Love” — the world is still begging for more Frank.

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