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Notes from Council: 2024-25 councillors appointed to committees

This was the first Students' Council meeting for the new 2024-25 executive team and councillors.

“Notes from Council” is The Gateway’s ongoing series of recaps of noteworthy items from Students’ Council meetings.

At the May 7 University of Alberta Students’ Union (UASU) Students’ Council meeting, the 2024-25 executives gave inaugural addresses. Councillors were appointed to UASU committees.

For 2024-25, Tahmid Al Hafiz is replacing Christian Zukowski as UASU speaker. Al Hafiz previously served as speaker for the International Students’ Association (ISA) council.

New executives speak about their goals and plans for the upcoming year

Zukowski installed the 2024-25 UASU councillors. Following this, the new executives gave an inaugural address. Board of Governors Representative Adrien Lam was first to speak. 

Lam spoke about her plan to create a survey platform through which all U of A students could share their concerns to her anonymously. As of May 7, Lam has made a drafted skeleton website and is working on a way for students to log in with their CCIDs.

“Your experience, knowledge and feedback, highly emphasized, is going to be so important as I try out new ideas and make sure they really benefit the students,” Lam said.

Vice-president (student life) Renson Alva said he plans on ensuring UASU services and resources are welcoming, working alongside students and other stakeholders when planning events, and advocating for students. 

“Let’s enter any discussions with an open-mind and be resources for one another,” Alva said.

Vice-president (operations and finance) Levi Flaman re-emphasized the campaign points he ran on. Flaman plans to improve operational efficiency, reduce uneconomical spending, and divert savings to the services that need them most. He also intends on getting external reviews of the UASU done, such as an Equity, Diversion, and Inclusion (EDI) review, which “is currently underway.”

Vice-president (external) Abdul Abbasi said he is proud to be the first UASU executive from Augustana Campus. He asked for council’s support in ensuring all student voices are heard.

“I will be advocating for students in the areas that matter the most and making sure that no voice goes unheard,” Abbasi said.

Vice-president (academic) Layla Alhussainy said her goal for this year is to address and enhance issues around accessibility, affordability, and accountability. Alhussainy said the UASU is fortunate to have students on council representing their faculties and sharing their various perspectives.

“[I am] looking forward to learning and working together with you and hearing all your amazing thoughts and ideas,” Alhussainy said.

Lastly, President Lisa Glock said she takes a community building approach to student governance, is interested in student well-being, and is passionate about sustainability.

“I’m eager to see people comfortable in this space and I want to further equitable participation for all voices.”

Councillors appointed to committees, all available seats filled

Council filled all available councillor seats on UASU committees.

The Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Committee (ARRC) assists in the UASU’s implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action. Council appointed the following: science councillor Angelina Botros, Lam, and arts councillor Angelina Raina.

The Audit Committee oversees the UASU’s spending and collection of funds. No executives are allowed to serve on the Audit Committee. Council appointed the following: Faculté Saint-Jean councillor Joachim Bony, engineering councillor Michael Chang, and business councillor Owen Pasay.

The Bylaw Committee reviews UASU bylaws and oversees bylaw updates or creations. Council appointed the following: Botros, Flaman, Augustana councillor Nate Goetz, Pasay, and arts councillor Nathan Thiessen. 

The Council Administration Committee (CAC) manages certain administrative needs of council. Council appointed the following: Abbasi, Chang, Goetz, agricultural, life, and environmental sciences councillor Katie Tamsett, and Thiessen.

The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing UASU budgeting and the allocation of UASU’s grant and bursary fund. Council appointed the following: Bony, Pasay, and Raina. 

The Policy Committee is responsible for reviewing the UASU’s political policies and overseeing the writing of new ones. Council appointed the following: Bony, Goetz, nursing councillor Precious Majekodunmi, and Thiessen.

The Health and Dental Plan Committee sets the direction for the structure and delivery of the UASU Health and Dental Plan. Council appointed the following: Lam and Majekodunmi.

The Student Group Committee (SGC) provides oversight of undergraduate U of A student groups. Council appointed the following: Botros and Chang.

The Students’ Union Building (SUB) Planning Committee is responsible for reviewing students’ needs in relation to SUB’s facilities and operations. Council appointed the following: Bony and Pasay.

The Sustainability Committee (SUSC) manages the annual evaluations of the UASU’s sustainability practices, and provides recommendations for improvement. Council appointed the following: engineering councillor Madiha Maroof, Majekodunmi, and Tamsett.

Dylana Twittey

Dylana Twittey is the 2024-25 Managing Editor at The Gateway. She previously served as the 2023-24 News Editor. She is a second-year student studying history. In her free time, she enjoys watching 90s Law and Order, cooking, and rereading her favourite books for the fifth time.

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