Burlap Sack: A brown Christmas 

Christmas this year has me feeling less than festive, and I imagine you could be feeling that way too.

I, like many Canadians, dream of a white Christmas. Snow is a key part of Christmas culture, resulting in frosty snowmen, beautiful snow angels, and scrappy snowball fights. There is nothing better than waking up on December 25 to snowflakes falling gently outside your window. 

With that being said, the lack of snow has left me feeling anything but festive lately. The gloomy, brown atmosphere has stifled all of the anticipation and Christmas spirit that typically starts to build around this time of year. 

Snow brings a unique element of magic to Christmas that we cannot truly get any other way. Its presence is rooted in popular Christmas songs and movies, making it a staple — not just another accessory. 

December doesn’t just bring Christmas songs and snowfall each year— unfortunately, it also brings a decrease in daylight hours. For many, this causes seasonal affective disorder (SAD). As research shows, less daylight may cause a chemical reaction in the brain that leads to symptoms of depression. 

Snow, and the sun that comes with it, is one factor that can combat seasonal affective disorder. The majority of chilly, snow-filled days in Edmonton are actually sunny, and bright days have been known to decrease symptoms of seasonal depression. A brown Christmas, and the lack of snow that comes with it, could enhance the symptoms of SAD already felt by Canadians.   

Another way to combat SAD is to participate in winter sports. Many winter sports are popular for many Canadians around this time of year. Without snow, winter sports would not only be unenjoyable, they would be impossible. A brown Christmas prevents people from participating in what they consider to be holiday traditions, removing the spirit of Christmas from the holiday season yet again.

Christmas is not Christmas without snow. Snow achieves festivity and excitement that we don’t get through any other weather. Snow is a vital aspect of Christmas, appearing on the cards we send, in the movies we watch, and in the memories we treasure. 

Nothing beats sitting on a cozy couch with a cup of hot chocolate, watching the snowflakes drift softly outside of your window. Is there anything worse than a brown Christmas? I think not. 

Peris Jones

Peris Jones is the 2023-24 Deputy News Editor at The Gateway. She is in her third year, studying Media Studies and English. In her free time, she loves going to the gym, shopping, and watching movies with her friends.

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