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Eating Edmonton: Top 5 Indian restaurants

A foodie’s journey to finding home in a new city!

Edmonton is a city of great cultural diversity because of the emergence of multiple authentic restaurants. As someone who just recently came from India, the restaurants truly remind me of home. So, here are my Top 5 Indian restaurants in the city, tried and tested by a North Indian foodie herself. 

1. Monsoon Bistro & Bar

Jasleen Mahindru Monsoon Bistro and Bar’s dahi kabab (left), murgh sukka and naan (centre), and malai tikka (right)

With hospitable staff, a cozy ambience, and flavourful food, this restaurant tops our list. The dahi kababcroquettes filled with thick yogurt blended with chopped bell peppers, onions, and corn — and malai tikka — tender boneless chicken pieces marinated in ginger, garlic, and cardamom — are the best choice for those who cannot handle spice. For those who can, murgh sukka, a kerala-style chicken, with garlic naan is the right way to go.

2. Khazana

Jasleen Mahindru Khazana’s interior

This one’s interior design is a beautiful depiction of Indian culture. Now, back to the food — the sweet and sapid butter chicken with its crispy butter naans were a delight. Based on the reviews from family and friends, I also tried their pizzas, which have a desi twist, and they turned out to be truly appetizing.

3. Masala Tree

Masala Tree has a simplistic yet homely vibe to it. Their South Indian food is a must try. The masala dosa along with idli-vada-sambhar is a complete delight. Other snacks you would want to have include chicken tikka, paneer tikka and amritsari fish. In the main course, their chilli chicken tastes the best with the naans. Additionally, they serve fast food on top of their South Indian menu.

Jasleen Mahindru Masala Tree’s chilli chicken with naan (left) and Savoy’s non-veg combo (right)

4. Savoy’s South Indian Kitchen

As the name suggests, Savoy’s serve South Indian food — which is delectable, of course. But, the reason this restaurant is on my list today is their chicken biryani. The rice dish includes spicy marinated chicken, caramelized onions, and aromatic basmati. 

5. Shree Restaurant

Jasleen Mahindru Shree Restaurant’s chicken biryani

According to its reviews, this restaurant is an audience favourite for its samosas, and I totally agree with that choice. Personally, I am a big fan of the chicken biryani, which is a meat and rice dish spiced with caramelized onions and garam masala.

Special Mentions

Towne Chef

Jasleen Mahindru Towne Chef’s butter chicken (left), fish pakorah (centre), and kadhai chicken (right)

Their kadhai chicken and kadhai paneer are “chef’s kiss,” but I find their naans to be a little thick and hard to chew. The butter chicken and fish pakora, along with green chutney, are also worth trying. They also serve Indian sweets. Their customer service is quick, and the staff is always friendly.

Kathmandu Rasoi

Jasleen Mahindru Kathmandu Rasoi’s chilli chicken (left), fried chicken momos (centre), and chicken noodles (right)

Being an East Indian restaurant, if you want a true Indian momos experience, Kathmandu Rasoi is the way to go. They add Indian herbs and spices to their filling to give it a desi touch. Additionally, their Chinese dishes including their chilli chicken and chicken noodles are worth trying.

Jasleen Mahindru Mill Woods Meat Shop’s amritsari fish

Mill Woods Meat Shop

This one is a local treasure for their well-marinated meats. The malai chicken, tender and marinated chicken pieces that are barbecued, is a delight for spice lovers. The amritsari fish is quite flavourful and crispy as well.

Jasleen Mahindru

Jasleen is a second-year student majoring in mathematics and minoring in economics and creative writing. When she is not questioning her life decisions, she can be found reading poetry, rewatching films, or scrolling through old photos, all while listening to Bollywood music.

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