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Playlist: Break up wake up

This playlist has upbeat tunes for your break up needs!

Break ups, without a shred of doubt, suck. It leads to a lot of ice cream eating, feeling sad or angry and, if you’re anything like me, sad music. But this is where this playlist comes in to shake things up. There is not a single sad song in this playlist, all kinds of genres, all technically break up songs, but all upbeat. 

This playlist is designed for you to be able to pick and choose, rounded up into different genres, but all providing the same uptick in serotonin that can be so desperately needed post-break up. Ranging from fun-and-freeing rock songs, pop songs you can scream in your car, to kicking country songs (it’s okay, we all secretly listen too). 

Either way, this playlist is made to get you pumped after a break up. So get your friends together, grab your favourite comfort food and sweater, throw this playlist on and enjoy the positive vibes!

Daniel Kosak

Daniel Kosak is a third year double major in English and Drama. You can find him usually in Humanities Centre, drinking some variation of coffee and not doing his readings.

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