Top 5: Edmonton Valentine’s Day date ideas

Valentine's Day doesn't always have to be stressful! If you're out of date night ideas, Edmonton has plenty of romantic activities to choose from!

Valentine’s Day can be a super stressful time, especially for students. 

Not only do you have to worry about midterms and assignments, there is a ton of pressure to deliver a romantic date and a thoughtful gift. As much as we wish we could have everything planned out, time gets away from us sometimes. If you’re struggling to plan a fun night out with your partner, look no further! 

1. Valentines Day Night Market 

Valentine’s Day is the worst time of year for people who are terrible at organizing things, and even worse at time management. Every year, we hear stories of partners who forgot to make reservations, plan a date, or even get a small gift. With the Alt After After Dark Valentines Market, at least one of those unfortunate events are avoided. With a wide variety of alternative sellers, you’re bound to find a unique and fun gift for your partner! Held at the Old Strathcona Performing Arts Centre, it’s super accessible to anyone heading back from the university! Even better, it’s held from 7 to 11 p.m. on February 11, so you’ll have plenty of time to browse for thoughtful presents! Check out this market with your partner this Valentine’s Day for a date off the beaten path, and avoid being the partner everyone makes fun of. 

2. Taco night at Azucar Taco House 

Often, Valentine’s date nights are often super expensive and overpriced for what you get. Many venues expect you to pay hundreds of dollars, and all you get is heart-shaped desserts. The best restaurants, however, will try and give you the most for the lowest price. That’s exactly what Azucar Taco House is promising February 11 through the 15. For just $40 per couple, you get all you can eat tacos. Did I mention that the tacos are pink? Not only that, but at 8 p.m., there’ll be a mariachi band playing! If you want to treat your partner, but worry about the costs that always come with Valentine’s Day, Azucar has you covered! 

3. Valentine’s Day Candlelight Concert 

Romantic displays of affection happen in every single romantic comedy, but always feel unattainable to the average couple. People, especially students, just can’t afford to splurge on their partners like rom-com love interests always do. Average people can’t serenade their partner on a plane, throw a dance mob in Grand Central Station, or, say, be performed to by a string quartet by candlelight. While most of those are unattainable, if you’ve always wanted a magical movie moment, Fever Edmonton is hosting a special of their Candlelight series, where a string quartet plays famous romantic ballads. There are two date options, February 11 or 14 at 6:00 or 8:30 p.m., and tickets cost $40 per person. For a much more affordable price, you can give your partner the romantic moment of their dreams! 

4. Skating at the Victoria Park Oval 

While Valentine’s Day is often a time where we spend lots of money at expensive restaurants or events, many of us just want to have some quiet time with our significant others. A great way to just hang out with your partner, while also experiencing a romantic setting, is skating the Victoria Iceway Trail. Open until 10 p.m. every day, the trail is a magical and breathtaking experience. Lit up with beautiful lights and surrounded by the amazing views of the river valley, Victoria Park makes for a great date night. Even better, admission is free and they have little warming stations if you get cold. Just be aware that the rink can get pretty busy, especially when there are little kids and activities happening there.   

5. Marry Me

One of the cornerstones of Valentine’s Day is corny rom-coms that are nothing if not cheesy. There is nothing better than curling up with your partner and watching an hour and a half of cringey romance. However, recycling the same movies every year can get a little boring. (How many times can we really be expected to watch The Notebook?) Luckily, a new rom-com hits theatres just a few days before Valentine’s Day: Marry Me. Releasing February 11, this new flick stars the queen of romantic comedy herself, Jennifer Lopez, alongside Owen Wilson. It has all our favourite tropes, like marriage before romance and marriage of convenience. Like all good things, Marry Me is bound to be corny and romantic. If you don’t have any concrete plans for Valentine’s Day, but want to do something more low-key, why not spend it with Jennifer Lopez?

Katie Teeling

Katie Teeling is the 2023-24 Editor-in-Chief at The Gateway. She previously served as the 2022-23 Opinion Editor. She’s in her fifth year, studying anthropology and history. She is obsessed with all things horror, Adam Driver, and Lord of the Rings. When she isn’t crying in Tory about human evolution, Katie can be found drinking iced capps and reading romance novels.

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