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Group Commentary: Met Gala outfits

The Met Gala gave us iconic looks, but also some not-so-iconic ones. Here are a few.

The Met Gala’s theme this year was “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.” Attendees dressed to the nines and showed off their looks to the cameras on the red carpet. Here are our takes on the outfits of some attendees.

Anok Yai stuns in 20s Hollywood glam

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

When I first heard this year’s Met Gala theme, I expected to see celebrities fighting tooth and nail to channel 1920s Hollywood. After all, it’s a fashion era that’s both classic American and glamorous. It also would’ve been interesting to see parallels made between the Spanish Flu and COVID-19 pandemics. Fortunately, Anok Yai stepped up to the challenge. Easily the best dressed attendee of the 2021 Met Gala, Yai was effortlessly gorgeous in her celestial Oscar de La Renta gown that paid homage to fashion icon and activist Josephine Baker.

– Iqmat Iyiola

Kim Kardashian’s iconic body instantly recognizable

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

You know that you’ve made it when you are recognized not by your face — but by your body. Kim K attended the Gala in head-to-toe black, covering her hair, face, fingers, and shoes. Although this was a risky outfit, the pay-off was well worth it. The Balenciaga design was a mix of soft draping with the sharp lines of her hands and stilettos, and posed a phenomenal contrast with the white background.

– Taylor Jeffrey

Shawn Mendes tries something new, falls flat

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

While I can commend Shawn Mendes for trying something new… I feel this look fell flat. This outfit, designed by Michael Kors, tries to invoke the looks of Studio 54, but in reality looks rather thrown together, as if he just rummaged through his closet. It would be a great look for one of his shows, but with this year’s particular theme, it just doesn’t hit the mark. Great music, great personality, but overall, a very mediocre look for the Met Gala.  

– Daniel Kosak

Lupita Nyong’o nails red carpet once again

John Shearer/Getty Images

Any other colour of stitching, material, or denim wash would’ve made this dress tacky and unwearable. But of course, Lupita Nyong’o never disappoints when it comes to the red carpet. With her stunning denim Versace dress, De Beers diamonds, and sky-high afro, Nyong’o’s fierce references to 90s supermodels, Old Hollywood, and Western fashion is exactly what I wanted to see from this year’s Met Gala and what places her as one of best dressed of the 2021 Met Gala in my books.

Iqmat Iyiola

Billie Eilish captures old Hollywood in stunning dress

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Billie Eilish is iconic, and so is this dress. The 19 year-old singer nails the theme of “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.” She and her dress channel old Hollywood, encapsulating the glitz and glam of that time all within this one look. On top of that, Billie announced on her Instagram that Oscar De La Renza, the designer behind this magnificent gown, will no longer be using furs within their designs thanks to her involvement, marking a change for the good. All in all, I’d count this as a win.

– Daniel Kosak

Grimes spears hearts with medieval-style dress

John Shearer/Getty Images

Who hasn’t been on the medieval side of TikTok? Clearly the designers of Iris Van Herpen Haute Couture have been, and the gown worn by Grimes at the Gala shows the outfit that we all secretly wish we could rock. Iris Van Herpen translated medievalism into modernism with this glowing ombre knight-inspired gown, paired with the chrome face mask and the sword, making Grimes look like she is ready for battle.

– Taylor Jeffrey

Football meets fashion: Ciara’s ode to her husband

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images/Vogue

With a theme like “In America,” it would’ve been a missed opportunity to not reference a great American sport like football. Fortunately, Ciara stunned in her lime green Geoffrey Beene inspired gown by Dundas that featured her husband’s — Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks — jersey number. She tied the look together with her husband’s Super Bowl ring and a bedazzled football clutch. Overall, it was a touching tribute and one of the few well-done 2021 Met Gala looks.

– Iqmat Iyiola

Cara Delevinge’s outfit makes a bold statement

Taylor Hill/WireImage

If anyone knows how to create a look, it’s Cara Delevinge in this year’s outfit. Her outfit, designed by Dior, comes with a clear message in bold red letters saying “Peg the Patriarchy” on a white breast plate. The very tongue-in-cheek message is contrasted by how serious everything else in this look comes across as. From her makeup, to the white formal pants and heels, she makes a fun statement and looks good doing it. Once again, Cara Delevinge does not disappoint.

– Daniel Kosak

Iqmat Iyiola

Iqmat contributed to the Opinion coverage of the 2023 UASU elections. She is a third year biological sciences student. She can usually be found volunteering, bullet journaling, reading poetry, and scrolling a little bit too much on Instagram.

Daniel Kosak

Daniel Kosak is a third year double major in English and Drama. You can find him usually in Humanities Centre, drinking some variation of coffee and not doing his readings.

Taylor Jeffrey

Taylor was previously the 2022-23 Opinion Editor and 2021-22 Deputy Arts & Culture Editor at The Gateway, and is contributing to the Opinion coverage of the 2023 UASU Elections. She was a double major in English and History, and is now pursuing an After-Degree Ed program. She can often be found at the end of a trail of half-filled coffee cups, curled up with a book and piles of yarn.

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