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Federal Election 2021 Meet the Candidates: PPC Wes Janke

The Gateway reached out to Wes Janke for a virtual interview but was declined.

Meet the Candidates Federal Election 2021 edition is The Gateway’s series of interviews with candidates running in Edmonton Strathcona. This is the fifth of five articles.

With the September 20 federal election just around the corner, The Gateway sat down and interviewed candidates from the major parties running in Edmonton Strathcona electoral district.

Wes Janke, the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) candidate for Edmonton Strathcona, is a graduate from the University of Alberta and a current instructor at NorQuest College. He is a volunteer in his community’s local church and the Bonnie Doon Community League.

The Gateway reached out to Wes Janke for a virtual interview but the Janke campaign team declined our request.

The Gateway reached out to Janke’s team on September 13 via email, requesting a fifteen-minute virtual interview with the candidate. The candidate’s team initially agreed to an interview over the phone but requested the interview questions be provided beforehand. The Gateway chose not to provide the questions beforehand, to keep the interview format consistent among candidates. Since the questions were not provided beforehand, the candidate declined to do an interview.

Areeha Mahal

Areeha Mahal was the 2021-22 News Editor and previously served as a Deputy Arts & Culture Editor and Deputy News Editor. Additionally, she is a second-year Biology and English student. When she’s not learning the Krebs cycle for the millionth time, Areeha enjoys stargazing, baking pies, and listening to Bob Dylan.

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