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New father-daughter podcast is making criminal law make sense

Peter Sankoff's conversations with his 11 year-old daughter makes to understanding criminal law more accessible.

Translating Criminal Law: Rated G is a new podcast hosted by faculty of law professor Peter Sankoff and his 11 year-old daughter Penny that is simplifying criminal law and making it digestible for all ages.

Each 35-minute episode of Translating Criminal Law explores a different concept in criminal law. Both Penny and Sankoff have charming, energetic personalities that automatically catch your attention. I particularly enjoy how egalitarian the conversation is. Sankoff answers Penny’s questions without sounding condescending, and both of them contribute equally. 

I expected a very technical conversation filled with jargon, case studies, and heavy legal information, however, this father-daughter podcast is anything but that!

Sankoff explains important concepts in a way listeners of all ages can understand. The exception to that is the “Big Word of the Day,” a segment where Sankoff chooses a legal term such as deterrence and impartial and explains its meaning in the episode’s context.

There is also a Latin word of the day which is explained in the voice of King Roogna, a character from author Piers Anthony’s fantasy world of Xanth. Each episode ends with a mini-quiz based on the information discussed.

Penny asks great questions and offers exceptional commentary throughout the show. I was impressed by her eloquence and her ability to add balance to the conversation. When I imagine myself at age 11 — or even right now — I don’t think I’d be able to host a podcast on the same level as Penny. 

My favourite part of the podcast is when Penny becomes the teacher and Sankoff the student. Penny explains all things tween, from TikTok to Instagram and everything in between. In fact, Penny even manages the podcast’s Tiktok, Twitter and Instagram accounts! 

Translating Criminal Law is an educational and entertaining podcast that is perfect for individual and family listening. It creates a safe and reliable learning environment where adults and children can learn about the criminal justice system without having to worry about things being too graphic or gruesome. It also gives parents an opportunity to learn about pop culture and connect with their children. 

Check out Translating Criminal Law: Rated G if you want to dip your toes into the world criminal law, learn something new, and potentially pick up some Latin! 

Sithara Naidoo

Sithara is finishing her first year as a Political Science student at Campus Saint-Jean. She also runs Le Mouton Noir, which is the francophone column at The Gateway. When she isn't using literature as a form of escapism, she can be found enjoying good cheese or baking a killer pie.

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