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Black History Month with the Black Students Association

This guest column is written through a partnership with the University of Alberta Black Students Association and The Gateway.

Black History Month is an annual celebration that recognizes the influence of African Americans and the achievements they’ve made (and continue to make) throughout society.

On behalf of the University of Alberta’s Black Students Association, we are proud to announce the roster of upcoming BHM events that will certainly continue to empower and promote values of unity and synergy among the Black students on campus.

To start off, on February 11; our Student Panel on Institutional Racism from the department of Education Policy Studies. This event will give spectators an idea of how Black students navigate their lives in view of systemic racism.

The second one will be an Afro Fusion-Dance workshop led by the University’s very own Ivan Touko. Here, students will be able to celebrate Black culture through the universal language of dance! 

Next up, on February 13, there will be a Pharmacy School 101 workshop where we’ve invited Black pharmacy students from the University of Alberta to provide information about the process of getting into the PharmD program. 

Don’t miss out on February 17, where we will start off the day with a Mindfulness and Meditation event! Taught by meditation specialist Charlene Smith, participants will learn techniques to keep themselves grounded during stressful times. 

On the February 18, local chef Dupe Adedeji will be hosting a tantalizing “Cook with Me” event. With his expertise, participants will be given an opportunity to explore the vibrant and flavourful dishes of the Black diaspora — starting by learning how to make dishes like Jollof rice and Jerk chicken!

Our “For the Culture: Black Excellence” event will wrap things up on the February 25 by providing us with 5 guest speakers who will be discussing the barriers they faced in their career backgrounds, while sharing current and future opportunities for Black students with aligning career goals.

This guest column is written through a partnership with the University of Alberta Black Students Association and The Gateway. To learn more about the ISA or to get involved with them visit their website.

Ruach Nzurum

Ruach is a contributor from the Black Students' Association.

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