Cover Stories: September 2020

Find out the meaning behind The Gateway’s September 2020 magazine cover.

Sofia Capettini

Cover Stories describes the story behind the design and art direction for a specific issue of The Gateway’s monthly magazine.

Theme: Hope for the Future
Illustration: Sofia Capettini

After a summer of adjusting to the new reality of living in a pandemic with ever-changing restrictions, the beginning of the semester welcomed us with feelings of uncertainty.

Some people had to transition to working from home. Hangouts with friends took place online rather than face-to-face. Many of us had to pick up new hobbies or rediscover old ones to keep busy. All of this occurred while trying to stay hopeful that eventually, things would be okay. 

The cover features nine boxes, each with a person doing a different activity. Some are working, others are engaging with a hobby or are participating in an activity they enjoy doing but may not have put the time aside for prior to the pandemic, such as reading. 

This reflects the idea of being together but apart, a common theme present since the beginning of this pandemic

Sofia Capettini

Through this cover, I wanted to depict the action of looking at an apartment building a community held together within a large architectural structure, each window being the connection to an entire world within. This reflects the idea of being together but apart, a common theme present since the beginning of this pandemic.

As long as we are surrounded from a distance by those we care about, we can have hope that eventually, things will be okay. 

Sofia Capettini

Hi! My name is Sofia and I’m really excited to be working as The Gateway’s Art Director for the upcoming 2020-21 school year. I’m going into my fifth and final year of working towards my Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications Design. In my spare time, I like to take care of my plants, annoy my cat Napoleon, dabble in film photography and tend to my nearly unhealthy obsession with noodle soup.

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