For haunted houses to succeed, we must take precautions

For those going out, we must follow all safetly recommendations to ensure no decisions haunt us

The Halloween festivities are currently a-go this season, although with some restrictions. Trick or treaters will most likely be at your door, and many haunted houses and other spooky events are also running for the latter half of October.

This comes to the relief of many youth and university students, needing a break from their midterm studies and maybe a few scares with friends. I would miss Halloween, even if it’d only be gone for a single year. Losing much of autumn to quarantine can be frustrating, especially after already losing summer. Understandably, people need a little levity to fill their days of anxiety. 

This is where many event organizers and party providers come into the picture. Haunted houses, such as Deadmonton, opened for October and will even stay open into early November, offering Edmontontians a chance at some degree of social interaction and fun this season.

Beyond haunted houses, there are also other spooky events throughout the city. These include such events as the local Edmonton Ghost Tours right in the heart of Old Strathcona or events a distance away, like Vegreville’s Haunted Hike 2020.

Many of these events have taken due care on their end. However, they also need their guests to consider their responsibilities. 

This includes honouring the provincial policy and any other recommendations that businesses provide. Patrons should additionally wear masks, social distance, limit their time at the event, and — above all else — isolate if they feel unwell. However, like the premature openings of restaurants and bars, these haunted houses can increase risk. In Canada, the struggles of the Ontario government also provide caution, as their transmission rates soared in September, placing local communities at risk. 

For fun events to work this season, customers must be vigilant and follow COVID-19 guidelines in order to protect others so we can all enjoy haunted houses, trick-or-treating, and other seasonal staples. This Halloween, make sure you have your fun, but make no decisions that could haunt you during this unpredictable time.

Alys Caswell

Alys Caswell is a second-year English Student with a Political Science minor. She enjoys salt and vinegar chips, English Romantic literature, and cozy places to read, in that order.

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