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Spill the Tea: Tim Horton’s Apple Cinnamon

Tim Horton's Apple Cinnamon Tea is perfect for cold winters!

I’ve been consuming way too much caffeine lately, so I’ve decided to cut back and look for more decaf options. 

While perusing the tea aisle at my local Safeway, a box of Tim Hortons’ Apple Cinnamon Tea immediately caught my eye. While I was surprised that I could buy Tim Hortons tea at Safeway, I was also very intrigued. I wondered if the tea would end up tasting like a bland and watery apple cider, or if it would be good. 

I decided to try the tea without milk first. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavour. The apple and the cinnamon shone through, and the tea was surprisingly sweet. I think it was sweet because apple crisps are the first ingredients listed on the box. Overall, it matched my expectations. The tea tasted like a slightly less sweetened apple cider.

I then tried another cup with almond milk and a little bit of maple syrup (and when I say a little bit, think closer to Sandra Lee’s “two shots of vodka”). The milk made the tea a lot creamier, and the maple syrup made it a lot more flavourful as well. Although, the milk and sugar are not necessary, as it’s already pretty good on its own.

Tim Hortons’ Apple Cinnamon Tea is the perfect drink if you want something warm during the cold winter months. It’s also great if you need a break from caffeine, but you still want something delicious and comforting. I will be buying another box when my current one runs out!

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