Marble Pedestal: Pedways on campus

Want to avoid the cold air? Stick to the pedways!

Summer weather is a gift on campus. There’s nothing like leaning back on the quad grass and watching the clouds — and hours — drift by. The rain in the spring tends to be an acquired taste, but sometimes a storm is just the kind of cleanse one needs. And of course, everyone loves autumn; this goes without saying. Unfortunately, during the other 11 months of the year, winter makes enjoying the outdoors a chore — and sometimes even a hazard. 

All hope is lost and the snow piles up on all sides, so we look to the university’s pedways for salvation. When temperatures are dropping lower than they are in the Arctic, having methods of circumventing the icy winds can be a literal life-saver. Do you ever refrain from putting on your coat even though it’s -500 degrees Celsius outside because “it’s only a few seconds outside, surely I’m strong enough?” Pedways protect us from these harmful manifestations of machismo. With pedways to excuse you from galavanting outside without protection, we can all just pretend you’re strong enough. 

Of course, they’re not perfect. There’s still nothing connecting the CAB group of buildings with the HUB group, and if you want to get past the bus loop it’s going to take a trip through the snow. But nothing’s perfect. Besides, the connected buildings are usually faculty-related. Humanities to Tory for arts students, CCIS to EAS for science, and all the engineering buildings for the future pedway designers.

The only students that would need to go between these building groups excessively would be the ones taking waaaaaaaay too many electives in a different faculty from their major (it’s obvious you’re unsatisfied — change your program.) 

Whether you’re on your way from the LRT to Tory, or you’re going from SUB to the General Service Building, pedways are the only way to travel. Let’s have a round of applause for our highly connected enclosed bridge system, and then realize you’re clapping for infrastructure. Put some mitts on those clapping hands and several layers over the rest of your body to stave off the cold. Stay warm, friends. It’s a blizzard out there.

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