Top 5: Songs to cry to this midterm season

For when you get bored of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car"

If you know me at all, you know I’m a crier. I cry when I’m sad, angry, frustrated, or basically feeling any emotion. I cry to music, or sometimes just in complete silence. And seeing as it’s midterm season and I’m anticipating a lot more tears, I thought it would be appropriate to compile a list of my top five songs to cry to. I hope this helps you spice up your crying sessions.

Help – The Beatles

This one is pretty self explanatory. I need help. That’s it.

Everything Is Awful – The Decemberists

Because it is. I love a good melancholy tune, but this one is a surprisingly upbeat song. The lyrics are depressing but accurate, but combined with the cheery melody, this song will make your crying session feel a little less sad. Alternately, “Sucker’s Prayer,” also by the Decemberists, is a great choice, mostly for the relatable lyric “I want to throw my body in the river and drown.” Shout out to my mom for introducing me to both of these songs. 

The Sound of Silence – Simon and Garfunkel

Hello darkness my old friend, I heard it’s midterm time again. Play this song when it’s 1 a.m. and you’ve retained nothing from your studies, so now you’re just resigned to your fate. For a little added zest, try listening to the Gregorian chant version to make you wish you were in a medieval church dying from the plague instead of studying for your exam.

Drop the Guillotine – Peach Pit

Pretend I’m Louis XVI and just execute me already.

The Winner Takes It All – ABBA

This is my favourite song to cry to, and it’s a very fitting choice for number one. Even when it’s not midterms this is a great song to cry because it’s just so damn depressing. The melancholic tune and lyrics that tell the story of a painful divorce bring tears to my eyes even on a good day. In addition to being a great breakup song, this song is also very applicable to my university situation. The winner is the university, and it’s taking all my sanity and emotional stability (and my money). Will I be able to make it through another year of this, let alone the next couple of weeks? Who knows, but at least I have a playlist full of hip songs to sob to, and now you do too.

I hope you all enjoy this soundtrack of suffering, and good luck on your exams.

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