Top 5: Items to have when you first move out

For the practical, young mover

What’s important to you in a home? Furniture? Food? Here are the five things you should care about above all else when you’re moving out.

1) Coffee Cups

Having lived by myself for the last three years, I can say with certainty that it is impossible to have too many cups, especially when you’re knee deep in midterms and keep forgetting to wash your dishes. Then you have to start using bowls instead of cups, and then glassware, and before you know it you’re drinking straight out of the kettle. Save yourself the hassle. Get coffee cups. 

2) Coffee Travel Mug

Every student should have a budget for university. Mine is 25 per cent tuition, 25 per cent living fees, 10 per cent investments, and 40 per cent coffee. This is what a prime budget looks like. The best way to minimize your coffee costs and increase coffee intake is using a travel mug. Make your coffee at home, and then keep it with you until you finish it at 8:47 a.m. This increases your savings tenfold compared to waiting in line for 20 minutes and getting that expensive Second Cup coffee. 

3) Coffee Container

There are many choices you make that speak to people about who you are. One of these is the type of coffee container you use. When you first move out, you’ll likely have to start with a small 250 mL container. But you’re a poor student. You can work your way up. I’m now in my fourth year, and I’ve progressed from a measly 250 mL container to an industrial 200 L vat, which is enshrined on a beautiful brick fireplace with a chorus of angels to sing when it’s opened. But small steps first. Have something to work towards.  

4) Coffee Machine

You’re a professional, and that means that you have to use industrial-grade machinery. You should have a solid three litre pot ready and waiting for you to gulp down prior to engaging in human contact. Personally, it’s a matter of national security for me to consume at least that much coffee before I have enough patience not to throw stones at people on the street on my way to school. But that’s just me; there are many who are far more dangerous without a suitable amount of morning coffee. 

5) Coffee

The ultimate drug. Coffee has propelled humanity into a productivity drive that accelerated us through 200 years of technological and economic expansion. When your family, friends, and God all fail you, coffee will hold your hand and guide you through the long and dark winter classes.

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