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Playlist: Unchill beats to not listen to

Link (Spotify):

Tracklist: “Cambridge 1969” by Yoko Ono, John Lennon

“The View” by Lou Reed, Metallica

“Where Are My Fucking Pills?” by Death Spells

“Bring Your Whole Crew” by DMX

“Woodpecker No. 1” by Merzbow

“SLC Engine Decima MAS” by The Rita

“One More Car Driving Nightmare” by Hijokaidan

“Hammer Smashed Face” by Cannibal Corpse

“Pharmakon” by [:SITD:]

“Proanomie” by Vomir

Have you ever had someone over that just wouldn’t leave? A friend that thinks “hanging out” means a several night stay with all-inclusive accommodations? Or maybe a Tinder date that is a decade older than their profile picture? If you answered “Yes!” (Or yes, but just less enthusiastically) this is a playlist curated for you!

The next time you find yourself too polite to tell someone to leave, but still want to convey the sentiment, sit back and jam these jarring beats!

A note of caution: The playlist opens with a 26 minute track of Yoko Ono screaming like a goat in labour while John Lennon pretends he had any musical integrity left… and it is one of the more melodic songs in the list; Prepare yourself emotionally before pushing play!

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