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Music Video Review: Taylor Swift’s “Delicate”

After Taylor Swift makes us look at what we made her do, she reminds us that she has a softer side in her new song “Delicate,” a mediocre song that nevertheless has a surprisingly original music video.

“Delicate” will probably end up being one of those pop songs that will be overplayed on the radio in every shopping mall until people get sick of it. The simple beats and unimaginative lyrics place “Delicate” next to any other Taylor Swift song, not to mention the repetition. In the chorus, she sings: “’Cause I know that it’s delicate. Isn’t it? Isn’t it? Isn’t it?” She repeats the phrase “Isn’t it?” eight times. Yes, Taylor, we get it, it’s delicate.


Swift has a reputation (pun intended) for singing about guys she either is dating or has dated. This song is no exception. Although she is singing to yet another guy, she shows concern towards her situation: “My reputation’s never been worse, so, you must like me for me.” There is a certain insecurity here that is opposed to her otherwise melodramatic, confident self.

Unlike “Look What You Made Me Do,” where Swift shows her carelessness towards the rest of the world with a certain hostility, in “Delicate,” she shows her true emotions. After giving an interview, she is left alone. She practices grimaces in the mirror, showing that she is not just a celebrity, and presumably that she feels like she is putting on face. She tries to interact with others, but is ultimately ignored and literally invisible to the outer world. Swift conveys her feelings of loneliness and being misunderstood, which make her more accessible as a person. Instead of letting it get to her, though, she rips her dress and dances around the hotel barefoot. Although, some of her movements seem staged, most of the time she freely and spontaneously dances around with an almost childlike attitude and playfulness.

For a non-Taylor Swift fan, I can genuinely appreciate her cheerfulness and determination to make the best out of her situation by jumping in puddles and dancing in the rain. It is nice to see her express herself for purely her own enjoyment. I will probably not become her number one fan; however, as a dancer myself, I am tempted to dance around campus with such carelessness and pure joy when I hear this song.

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