Worth It or Not Worth It: Greyscale Edition

Monochrome Instagram

Tattoos are a permanent commitment to a work of art on an extremely sensitive and constantly changing medium: our bodies. They don’t come cheap, either. Colour ink requires touch-ups to keep the pigment strong, and makes fading much more obvious. A greyscale tattoo will compliment any skin tone and has less risk of fading over time, making it a safer investment for your money. WORTH IT.

— Annie Cai

Black & White Tattoos

Maintaining a consistent Instagram aesthetic is a great way to achieve a professional look and keep the followers flowing in. But on a platform meant to be an online scrapbook, confining ourselves can stifle our personalities and make posting a chore instead of a way to connect with friends. Most of us are perfectly happy with fewer than 1000 followers. Leave the themes to businesses and aspiring fashion bloggers. NOT WORTH IT.

— Annie Cai

Taking a Date Stargazing

Drive to Elk Island National Park, spread out a blanket in the bed of your truck or open the sunroof, and turn on your date-night playlist (we all have one). This date boasts opportunities for both intimate connection and comfortable silence, as well as the chance for you to use any star-related pickup lines you’ve been caching. Whether you’re a romantic or an astronomy major, this date is a hit. WORTH IT.

— Taya Weyland

White Sneakers in September

Yes, you look slick. Yes, your buddies are impressed. Yes, that is the glint of jealousy you see in every passing face. But after a month of avoiding the ever-increasing hazards of puddles, mud, and grass stains, it may be beneficial for your sanity to give in. Soon, the looming threats of apple-picking and haunted hikes will be a reality. My advice? Buy some galoshes and live a little. NOT WORTH IT.

— Taya Weyland

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