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Album Review: Everyday Is Christmas

Everyday Is Christmas
RCA Records

Looking for an unconventional yet Christmas-spirit-infused album? Sia has you covered. Complete with background Christmas bells and chimes, every song on this album fully embraces the pop culture enthusiasm of Christmas. From beautiful ballads about snow and mistletoe to pop tracks with classic echoes of old-school carols, Everyday Is Christmas is a great album to satisfy Christmas music cravings.

The title track, “Santa’s Coming for Us,”  is the epitome of an upbeat pop song complete with background sleigh bells and lyrics that do not shy away from portraying Christmas spirit. It’s the song that sets the mood for the whole album, encapsulating things like Santa, Christmas trees, and hot chocolate to capture the hearts of listeners.

There are two distinct tones to this album, all true to the Christmas spirit and mood. Alongside the happy and upbeat of “Santa’s Coming for Us” are the nostalgic and sweet melancholy songs.

These songs are rhythmic and soaring ballads that tap into the longing and romantic mood special to Christmas time. Two are about snow (“Snowman,” and “Snowflake”) and serve as beautiful, romantic songs with melodic piano.

Further in this strain, is the pining,“Underneath the Mistletoe,” the whimsical, “Everyday is Christmas” and the haunting, “Underneath the Christmas Lights.” These songs are remarkable ballads full of soul and emotion, perfectly defining the nostalgic and romantic feelings that seem to surround Christmas.

“Candy Cane Lane,” “Ho Ho Ho,” “Sunshine,” and “Puppies are Forever” are unbelievably happy, fun, and slightly strange songs loaded with addictive refrains and choruses, so watch out. They capture the joy and excitement surrounding the holiday season, celebrating the little things like candy canes, gifts and puppies, which makes for a good time overall.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the music videos for these songs. Kristen Bell as well as Stranger Thing’s Caleb McLaughlin star in “Santa’s Coming for Us,” which is an interesting video exalting in everything Christmas-y. “Candy Cane Lane” is a claymation video about a snow monster trying to clog up chimneys, and it is super cute. And if you want to gush over cute puppies, the “Puppies are Forever” music video does not disappoint.

Sia does not hold back in this record (disregard any skepticism that may surround a Christmas album). Sia demonstrates her amazing vocal range in every song and the music is fantastic. If you are over listening to ten different versions of “White Christmas” and want some mood music to accompany your gingerbread house decorating, then this versatile album is for you.

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