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Vino Bitches: Inception Deep Layered Red

I snatch up a bottle of Inception Deep Layered Red because I like the name (like my favourite 2010 science fiction movie) and because I like the label (like something out of an adult colouring book marketed towards religious people) — that’s all there is to it. I’m a fan of red wine simply because my mom is a fan of red wine and it seems so much classier and more flavourful than white to me, so I’m a fan of Inception Deep Layered Red before I even take a sip.

My immediate emotional response is validated by my nose’s first encounter with the contents of the bottle. It’s a deep aroma. It smells red, like a glass of red wine. Maybe I’m just used to beverages that come in boxes, but Inception seems particularly strong, like it could beat me in a fight. Two thumbs up on that front.

As for the taste, it certainly does nothing to counter my positive opinion. The first sip goes down slickly and with much enthusiasm. It has a deep, layered taste, deeply layering hints of red and wine delicately along my taste buds. Slightly stronger than many other reds I’ve tried in the past, the first taste is bitter enough to leave my jaw tense but supple enough to leave it yearning for more, an impulse which I am happy to indulge.

All in all, Inception is a good wine. Inception is the kind of wine that you can drink if you often drink wine. It is also the kind of wine that you can drink if you do not often drink wine. With an unapologetically flavourful attitude and enough tannins to make Dom Pérignon cry, Inception is a wine that you can keep around the house for any sort of wine-drinking occasion.

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