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Fashion Streeters: Jenna Silverstone

Fashion Streeters is a series where we ask UAlberta community members about their outfits and style.

Name: Jenna Silverstone
Year: First
Program: Arts

Gateway: Tell me what you’re wearing.

I’m wearing striped culottes from Zara and a basic tank from Forever 21 with an oversized black denim jacket from Oak & Fort.

How would you describe your style?

It depends on my mood that day, but I like to mix street style with more classy items.

Michaela Friedland

Tell me about an iconic piece in your wardrobe.

I really like this one matching set I have – it’s got beige culottes and a cropped sweater. I’m really into monochromatic sets. They’re so easy to put on, and they make you look like you spent time putting together an outfit even if you didn’t. My wardrobe consists mostly of things that are comfortable and easy to put on, but look like you put a lot of effort into wearing. I like to layer things too.

Is there something in particular that changed the way you view fashion?

I think working at Oak & Fort has changed my style a lot. The brand is based on marketing and outfitting your own clothing – finding different ways to wear things. It got me into combining pieces that I would never have thought to combine. It also got me really into wearing sneakers – I don’t have a lot because they’re super expensive, but I like to look at them and wish I had them. I’m also a hip-hop dancer, and I think that community shapes you. There are a bunch of trends that are unique to the hip-hop community, and some of them are super weird – like, in Vancouver, they started to cut one side of a pair of Adidas pants so it’s shorts on one leg and long pants on the other – it actually looks good on some people.

Michaela Friedland

What’s the most important thing about fashion to you?

Being comfortable and not trying to make your style what you think someone else would wear. For a long time, I was really influenced by a friend of mine who is Instagram famous (@itsmisshyunh). I would try and go out and look for stuff that she would wear, but I realized that I wasn’t actually comfortable wearing her style. I think that there’s a balance to be found between finding things that you actually like and following trends that you think are cool.

Tell me about your biggest fashion faux-pas.

In grade six, I had these two pairs of skinny jeans – one was a red, checkered pair (yeah, I know), and the other was a grey cheetah print pair. When I wore them, people judged me a lot, but I was like, “Guys, this is what’s in right now.” That was not a good time in my life…but I guess I was just wearing what I wanted to be wearing.

What’s some fashion advice you live by?

Wear what you want! It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, if you want to wear something and you think it looks good, just wear it. In the long run, if it makes you happy, it doesn’t matter. The confidence you exude will be given back to you positively.

Michaela Friedland

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