The Getaway 2017

It’s ’bout that time.

New study shows that nobody gives a shit

Hot takes rolling in on Drake’s newest release, ‘Sights From the 7’

My Little Pony is now a hate symbol

Uncovering the hidden effects of 420 jokes

Top 5: Numbers less than or equal to five

BREAKING NEWS: Razr Scooters still sick AF

BREAKING NEWS: Number 69 still funny

I went to New Brunswick and found St. Mooka

Liquid nitrogen confused for liquid honey

Don’t you want devoted followers? Who leave their families for you Give their money to you Give their bodies to you Give up their lives for you Consider you God, and will kill for you Don’t you want to become a cult leader? Since the death of God there has been a vacancy open You can fill that void, here is how

Make It Confessionals

Top 5: Cults

DC Films pulls new movie from release schedule after test screenings called it “fun”

Medical students preparing to use K-Days as testing grounds for toxic waste upon human body

New student fees are now paying for Rogers Place

“Asshole” declared to be best cuss word

Student runs out of excuses to not give LRT panhandler change after seeing them 5 days in a row

The Dudent Striver: gRosh’s Toyota Echo

Uncle Grandpa’s guide to joining a gang



Album Review: The conversation I just had with my brother

Top 5: Rocks I found on my way to class

Editorial: It’s time to abandon limbs

#BellLet’sTalk about the best bathrooms to cry in on campus

#BellLet’sTalk about the best bathrooms to cry in on campus

Florida Georgia Line come to town, 15 employees call in sick to Cabela’s

Soundcloud rapper arrested for legit reasons, internet cult protests anyways

Top 5: Dumpsters to eat from in Edmonton

Burlap Sack: I ALSO hate myself

A poem made from comments found on https://thegatewayonline.ca

Letter to the editor from the editor: I liked ‘The Gateway’ better as a newspaper

Burlap Sack: Phallic foods

Burlap Sack: Don’t assume gender

What a Time to be Alive: Paying for athletic fees you can’t opt out of in your tuition at the U of A

Why we need more broken escalators

Burlap Sack: I hate myself

A ‘Gateway’ comments haiku

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