Bite the Ballot: Vice-President (Operations and Finance)

If you hand in a job application, get an interview, but don’t bother showing up to the interview, will you still get the job?


Would that applicant deserve the job?

Absolutely not.

The business that would (for whatever reason) hire that applicant, would probably do so foolishly, or out of pure desperation. Currently, on paper, the VP (Operations and Finance) race has two eligible candidates — Robyn Paches and Chen Liang. Come election day, as far as students should be concerned, Paches’ name should be the only one checked off.

While I’m sure Liang is an adequate student, and a sincere guy (gauging from his rhetoric at Myer Horowitz — the only forum he attended), his minimal effort level in the campaign process has been unacceptable. Presenting a half-baked platform that’s shorter than this article, attending one out of eight election forums, and making next to no effort to engage students online not only discredits the candidate, but mocks every other candidate who has put countless hours of time and effort into their campaigns.

Vice-President (Operations and Finance) candidate Robyn Paches Joshua Storie

Though during the Myer Horowitz forum Liang said he would drop his Co-op term if elected, due to his lack of involvement with campaign process so far, it’s hard to not view that as an empty promise.

Paches is running to be re-elected and has a proven track record as Ops-Fi. He’s nearly completed every campaign promise he made from the last election cycle. The platform put forward by Paches is extensive and coherent. Renovating the Horowitz, focusing on campus bars, and pressuring the university to stop deferring campus maintenance are not the most glamorous ideas. While Liang’s idea of an SU Brewpub sounds flashy and exciting, the reality is that every time someone flushes that end-stall toilet in the basement of Rutherford South, the bathroom floods.

Vice-President (Operations and Finance) candidate Chen Liang Joshua Storie

Paches is well-spoken, likeable, and gives a shit about the campus. And if anyone is actually going to get the university to fix their leaky faucets, Paches will likely have something to do with it.

For any student who sees this that hasn’t followed the SU elections past looking at the pretty posters, please ignore Liang’s buzzword-laden “eliminate fees,” “improve profitability,” and “brewery.”

As far as anyone should be concerned, this race is uncontested.


  1. Lol. Could the bias of the author for this article be any more obvious? I’m not sure how this ended up on my feed, but this article made my nuts ache in pain; Trump showcased yellow journalism before and after the election; so, we (the readers) have become a lot more aware of and critical for bias.

    The author should have either their balls clipped and spoon fed to their unborn kin; or, refrain from writing further articles as each letter placed on a piece of draft print is about as painful as the affect of burning lit cigarettes on the tip of a male penis.

    1. Lol this is an opinion piece; it’s not meant to be a non-normative report on election facts. Do you disagree with the author’s take? Cool, that’s your right. But criticize the content, not the fact that it’s showing opinion. You could even write a letter to the editor! And if you want to be taken seriously, it would help to get rid of out of place phallic references. Nothing against penises, but I fail to see their relevance to the UASU General Elections. Smh.

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