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Fashion Streeters: Renee Ouellette

Gateway: Tell me about what you’re wearing today.

Renee: Well, I’m wearing a white t-shirt, which I got from a store on 124th street called Salgado Fenwick. They do all hand printed shirts and things like that. They make cute dog clothes and things, and it’s all local. This one is actually one with the Edmonton crest, but replaced with animals that you find around Edmonton. Then I am wearing some tweed style leggings and a blue cardigan.

How would you describe your style?

Mostly comfortable. But I also like I really enjoy locally made things, so most of my clothes are from like Apollo Originals, Salgado Fenwick, and Camp Brand. So I like a lot of, sort of, mountain-y outfits. Comfortable, but nice.

How do you pick your clothes when you’re shopping? Do you depend on price, comfort, or style?

Definitely price. I go to Goodwill and Value Village a lot, because they are so many amazing things that you can find that people just give away for, like, nothing. But yeah, if I‘m feeling like I wanna splurge I’ll go to stores.

Rosalind Fleischer-Brown

What were you knitting?

I was knitting some panels for a sweater I am going to be making. So it’s just a nice mustardy yellow colour. I’ll put it all together once it’s done.

What is your favourite item of clothing and why?

I actually have this scarf, it was my grandfather’s and he used to wear it. It’s really nice plaid kashmir and I wear it all the time in the winter, because it’s so warm. It’s just nice to be wearing it and it’s pretty stylish.

Rosalind Fleischer-Brown

If you were to live in a different time period and possibly country, where would that be and why?

Oh my gosh. Okay, so I work at Fort Edmonton Park, so, like, this is my dream question! If I could live in a different time period I would say the Edwardian Era, because I love the corsets, the hair, of course, the Gibson. But I’m not sure I would wanna live in another country, though. I’m pretty, pretty happy living here. I mean, I technically get to live in Edmonton’s past anyways at work.

Was the Edwardian clothing comfortable?

I mean, the corset is a little bit rough. Trying to move around in that, but it’s fun getting to wear the different clothing and going from era to era and seeing all the differences.

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