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Emoji of the week: Nerd face

 Nerd Face

School’s in session. Time to overuse the nerd face emoji.

The more I stare at his thick, Martin Scorsese-esque glasses and innocent buck-toothed smile, the more endearing this emoji is. And it slowly becomes more relevant as the semester progresses and my work load and stress level simultaneously increase.

I use this little guy as a quick, easy way to convey to someone that I’m busy studying or working on an assignment. After all, how can you argue with this face? He’s not hipster enough for mainstream people to hate him — he’s not wearing horn-rimmed, metal-framed Tom Ford glasses with a nose ring (even though Siri will read this emoji out loud as “Nerdy face with thick, horn-rimmed glasses and buck teeth”). And he’s not cliche enough that he looks like a popular high school girl’s version of a slutty nerd Halloween costume.

He’s actually way cooler than the wannabe cool emoji guy with sunglasses on, and he’s more personable than the plain, glasses emoji. If you wanted to be best friends with an emoji, it would definitely be this guy. He’s completely underrated and should totally be used more frequently in your daily text conversations, especially during the months you’re in university. This makes him that much more special when you come back to him after the summer break in September to start up your crazy, university routine again. Hello old friend.   

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