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Streeters: Where do you poop on campus?

Finding the right spot to poop in public can be a tricky, the task is made even more challenging when you’re in need of a #2 among the bustle and crowds of the U of A campus. Knowing that your classmates, friends or (god forbid) your professor might be sitting one stall over can be downright terrifying, so finding somewhere comfortable to do your business is key. At the same time, you need to strike a balance with convenience and location — because not every poo can wait. So we hit the sidewalks and streets of campus to ask the hard question:

Where’s the best spot to poop on campus?

Eric Lillow

“I don’t use it much but I would say Cameron library because I’m always there anyways. I guess that’s the one I use the most. I’m not going to go anywhere else to do that.”

“I live on campus in HUB, so I have a private bathroom. It’s so nice!”

Eric Lillow

“Depends on the time of day really. I’m not too sure where I’d go these days if I had to pick the optimal spot. In the past, it would have been CCIS, maybe the upper floors. Now, I’m not so sure because it’s becoming more popular.”

Eric Lillow

“Biological Sciences, Genetics Wing.”

Eric Lillow

“I’m a morning pooper so I do it in my house usually. If it was an emergency, I don’t even know where I’d go! I’m new, this is my first year here.”

Eric Lillow

“The closest washroom is fine. Preferably a male washroom.”

Eric Lillow

“The bathroom backstage in the Fine Arts Building because no one gets to use it. Only the people in shows get to use it. It’s the best because no one’s gonna walk in on you. It’s super duper clean but it’s only got one stall.”

Eric Lillow

“Rutherford sucks, Rutherford south is shit. I’ll typically use CCIS, second floor by the Starbucks, it’s super clean in there. If i have time though, one of my favourite things to do, in any building, is to go to the highest accessible floor, typically where there are nice offices, and use their bathrooms. I like to think of it as a super passive aggressive way to bring those “more important” people down to the student level, one poop at a time.”

Eric Lillow

“I don’t poop on campus but if it was an emergency, I’d go to DICE.”

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