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Album Review: Next Thing

Frankie Cosmos
Next Thing
Double Double Whammy

Close your eyes and enable your mind to melt into the sweet, buttery sounds of low-key mysterious, musical conversation.

Singer-songwriter Greta Kline, who goes by the stage name Frankie Cosmos, delivers pure emotive genius within her lyrical complexities. Her musical stories are immersed in an indie-pop atmosphere which are amalgamated into her new album Next Thing.

Part of the intriguing nature of Kline’s lyrics stems from her ability to take mundane daily activities and give them meaning. In “Fool,” you’re exposed to both a diary-like intimacy and an open proclamation of her set of ideals. “I thought we could eat bread / I thought we could talk” provides an opportunity for listeners to appreciate the simplicity of the image she paints and consider their place in her lyrics.

At age 22, Kline capitalizes on universal and emotive experiences anyone her age would relate to. In the song “On the Lips,” she explores a fanciful young love: “Where would I kiss ya? / If I could kiss ya?” This fusion of magical sensations with the happy-go-lucky vibe of the song creates a comforting and welcoming experience for listeners.

With a brief instrumental in “Outside with the Cuties,” Kline conveys her vulnerability and genuineness by admitting “I haven’t written this part yet / Will you help me write it?” Her music creates a world of experiences that are both removed from listeners’ lives and intertwined with their lives through her conversational lyrics.

Next Thing alludes to yet another collection of musical narratives in a long line of albums. She is, after all, known for her multiplicity of bedroom-recorded albums (upwards of 40) and short but impactful tracks.

The sheer evocative nature of her emotional, lyrical confessions captivates listeners and draws them into the simplistic yet complex development of Next Thing.

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