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GTWY Vibe Grammy Predictions

Best Electronic Record


What should win: In Color — Jamie xx

What will win: Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü — Jack Ü

Jamie xx’s In Color is challenging, subdue, expressive and complex; most importantly, it has a central focal point where the narrative is built off. Additionally, the guest appearance by the other members of the xx is pleasantly nostalgic. Jamie xx is amazing in the xx, but also exists exceptionally as a solo entity. Being in the same category as super Skrillex and Diplo’s distinct styles both show in this album, however the musicality and style on this album is has already been done many times over by the electronic artists featured this year. With both the commercial success of this album and the massively successful song “Where Are Ü Now” that is featured on the album with Justin Bieber, I believe that will drive the album to win the Grammy. — Alyssa Demers

Best Rap Album


What should win: To Pimp a Butterfly — Kendrick Lamar

What will win: To Pimp a Butterfly — Kendrick Lamar

Some of the nominees are questionable. Personally any year-end award with Nicki’s Minaj’s The Pinkprint nominates loses a little credibility in my books. While it’s not Detox, Dr. Dre’s Compton surprised everybody by coming out, but I firmly believe it is a nostalgia pick that coincides with the hype from Straight Outta Compton. J. Cole and Drake both had big years and I believe are in contention, but I expect the award goes to Kendrick Lamar and his opus To Pimp A Butterfly. The Grammy’s are highly political and after Kendrick’s snub in 2013, the Grammy’s will be looking to rectify themselves. Which is really no issue here, because Kendrick is even more deserving than ever. — Sam Beetham

Best New Artist


Who should win: James Bay

Who will win: Meghan Trainor

So, I hadn’t heard of Courtney Barnett until reading the nominees for Best New Artist, and after listening to her music, I understand why. Her rambly girl power lyrics awkwardly hinge on the cusp of punk and indie. How she’s even in this category is beyond me. No thanks. Now, Sam Hunt has something working for him (besides his looks), and Tori Kelly’s a strong vocalist too, but my pick goes to James Bay. He has that Vance Joy/George Ezra/Hozier vibe going on and I love it. Unfortunately, I think the Grammy will go to Meghan Trainor. Her bubblegum take on female empowerment and body positivity make her a safe grammy choice. Her singles are amazingly sucessful From “All About that Bass” to “Like I’m Gonna Lose You,” her songs are all over the radio and no matter how annoying they get, you have to admit that they’re damn catchy. — Ashton Mucha

Record of the Year


What should win: “Really Love” — D’Angelo and The Vanguard

What will win: “Can’t Feel My Face” — The Weeknd

This category is filled with some absolutely huge hits from the past year – but the outlier of D’angelo’s “Really Love” deserves the nod here. A smooth and sultry highlight from an album that lived up to 14 years of hype is no small feat. However, it is up against tough competition. Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” and Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” were both huge successes, but for a producer’s award, neither production warrants the award. Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” is in contention but seems as a distant memory now. I think the Record of The Year goes to “I Can’t Feel My Face,” as the Weeknd is a fresh face to the Grammy’s and his track satisfies on every level. — Sam Beetham

Best Song Written for Visual Media


What should win: “Glory” — Common and John Legend

What will win: “Glory” — Common and John Legend

In my opinion, only two songs are real contenders in the Best Song Written for Visual Media category. Sorry 50 Shades of Grey, although “Earned It” and “Love Me Like You Do” both had amazing success, I don’t see them winning this Grammy for their lyrical wisdom (or lack there of). And even though “See You Again” pulls at my heartstrings, it doesn’t come close. Sorry Paul. Both “Glory” and “Til it Happens to You” reference complex, social issues of equality: racial and gender. Although Gaga beautifully represented the darkness of sexual assault, “Til it Happens to You” dones’t have the same uplifting power “Glory” does. Selma, won an Oscar in 2015, and I expect “Glory” to win it Grammy this year as well. — Ashton Mucha

Song of the Year


What should win: “Alright” — Kendrick Lamar

What will win: “See You Again” — Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth

Everybody seems to be jumping on the Kendrick bandwagon, and that isn’t a bad thing. If we’re being honest here, a huge portion of rap is about bitches, bling, and money. However, Kendrick’s single, “Alright,” is not your typical hip hop/rap song. It deals with growing up on rough times, racism, and addiction. Especially as he deals with contemporary issues of intense discrimination, Kendrick deserves to win Song of the Year. This one is a tough one, seeing as Hollywood appears to be in a whitewashing mood as of late. There is a chance that Taylor or Ed could take the title. However, “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth took the charts by storm. You couldn’t go more than an hour without hearing it playing on the radio. It also speaks to the masses, meaning it’ll probably win. — Jessica Jack

Best Electronic Recording


What should win: “Never Catch Me” — Flying Lotus featuring Kendrick Lamar

What will win: “Where Are Ü Now”  — Jack Ü featuring Justin Beiber

Kendrick Lamar has done some phenomenal work this year with his album To Pimp A Butterfly; his fast, hard hitting rap and tight musical skill does not falter with his collaboration with experimental band, Flying Lotus. A match made in heaven, these two work great together, balancing thoughtful samples and sporadic sound mixing with Lamar’s exceptional rapping. The song is complex and multi-faceted, yet smooth and effortless. On the other side ot the spectrum, “Where Are U Now” is well produced and has a catchy, melodic musicality, but I do not believe that this song is the best of the year. With the addition of Justin Bieber’s flashy vocals, I believe people are still on the wave of Bieber fever from his latest album, and will see it for much more than what it is: a well done, yet fairly unoriginal electronic song with Justin’s soulful, yet over-praised voice layered on top. — Alyssa Demers

Best Rock Performance


What should win: “What Kind of Man” — Florence + the Machine

What will win: “Ex’s and Oh’s” — Elle King

Alright let’s start this off with me saying that I believe Elle King is trash. The girl can sing, but man she’s awful. The fact that “Ex’s and Oh’s” is 90 per cent chorus and no substance is bad enough, but I also have a vendetta against people who wear bindis when they perform at the Interstellar Rodeo and use it as a talking point on how easy-going they are. So no, I’m not a fan.

But, the fact that a rock song that transcended genre and got play-time on every radio station imaginable, making it unavoidable all summer 2015 means that chances are, this bitch is gonna win a Grammy. “What Kind of Man” was far more complex musically and lyrically, and Florence Welch is a Goddess among men. It was easily the most interesting rock single this year (in the running for best performance), and is probably going to be snubbed on Sunday. — Kieran Chrysler

Best Alternative Album


What should win: Sound & Color — Alabama Shakes

What will win: Sound & Color — Alabama Shakes

This years nominees for Best Alt Album make it a tough category that is filled with incredibly talented artists. Tame Impala delivered a more rocked out and psychedelic album while veteran Björk’s Vulnicura stunned everyone with incredible and devastating passion. Wilco and My Morning Jacket are returning nominees with built up respect whose name credit can certainly swing Grammy voters. However, Alabama Shakes fierce Sound & Color puts them ahead of the competition. Their 2012 debut Boys & Girls brought an innovative retro blend between Southern soul with a blues edge and alternative rock and roll. Alabama Shakes keeps to this original sound but with an electric and dizzy alteration that keeps it fresh and weird, creating a highly successful sophomore album that is sure to dominate. — Amelia Knecht

Album of the Year


What should win: Sound & Color — Alabama Shakes

What will win: Beauty Behind the Madness — The Weeknd

We are rooting for the underdog here. Alabama Shakes are full of such raw talent, that it would be a crime if they didn’t win something at this year’s Grammys. Brittany Howard, lead vocalist and guitarist, is fantastic . Their album, Sound & Color, is refreshing. In the day and age of autotune and talentless “musicians”, it’s amazing to see such genuine artistry. Also, how cool is it to see a female rocker fronting a band full of dudes? Yas, girl. What is more likely to win Album of the Year at this year’s Grammys is The Weeknd. This dude floored everybody with his release of Earned It from the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack, and continued to slay with his album, Beauty Behind the Madness. We can guarantee that there isn’t a single person, who isn’t living under a rock, that hasn’t heard “I Can’t Feel My Face,” so this is the frontrunner to snag the Grammy. — Jessica Jack

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